Wednesday, 9 January 2019

ELECTION CAMPAIGN!! 1 Solid Reason Why APC/Buhari Will Beat PDP/Atiku – You Agree?


ELECTION CAMPAIGN!! 1 Solid Reason Why APC/Buhari Will Beat PDP/Atiku
Hello Patriotic Nigerians,
Before I proceed, I need to say this out that “Am not an APC or PDP loyalist, am just a common Nigerian who understand the importance of good Governance but sadly never witness it ever since I was born.
The Presidential Election is fast approaching and the Parties are doing everything within their power to get Votes from Nigerians by crook or by hook
We understand all their ways, we are used to it, no be today
However, I think when Campaiging for votes, Party/Political candidates need to do the right thing by letting the People know their intentions instead of castigating other Party candidates.
I think PDP really needs to desist from this to avoid the exact problem they had in 2015 when Buhari contested against Goodluck Jonathan.
The Problem
I have watched over 50 Videos on Youtube lately with PDP’s Atiku & Obi Campaign video showing up constantly.
PDP is really spending on Ads but sadly all the Videos are attacking APC & Buhari instead of focusing on What and what Nigerians will enjoy if they become/emerge the Winner of the Election.
➨ We all know Buhari or APC have not done enough for us in the last 3 Years (Stop telling us)
➨ We know PDP didn’t do anything in 16 years too (So don’t come here painting anyone black when you are guilty also.
➨ Atiku should tell us what to expect from him and leave Buhari alone.

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